Love & Pamper Plant Powered High Performance Skincare is a range of therapeutic botanicals combined with science based plant actives which contain all the goodness that your skin needs to nourish, repair & prevent further damage. Ingredients have been carefully researched and selected for their natural benefits to calm skin, normalise complexion and strengthen its lipid barrier. Love & Pamper’s skincare products are 100% vegan, naturally derived, recyclable and UK made.

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As someone who has insecurities about my skin throughout my adult life. I sort out to find solutions that can help me curb my blemishes. I studied natural skincare formulation, which has empowered me with the knowledge to understand the causes and the power of using natural.

There are different factors but mainly stripping your skin of its natural oils with harsh cleansers and not feeding its essentials, resulting in weakened/damaged skin barrier that can lead to severe skin issues.

Plant-based skincare can help to reduce the water loss and keep the moisture in to strengthen its oil loving barrier. With this knowledge and extensive research, I have been able to design and formulate a skincare range that helped me overcome my blemishes and sensitivity effectively.

I feel confident in my skin now and also believe this is truly a solution for everyone experiencing blemished skin caused by a compromised skin barrier.

Amber. x "

" Founders Message

Our Promise

Daily pollution and environmental stress can weaken our skin barrier. At Love&Pamper we have developed gentle but effective plant based high performance skincare using active botanical extracts. These can help to calm, nourish and protect your skin so that you achieve a healthy glow and your skin feels Loved & Pampered.

Our Promise

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